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STEVE WRUBEL – Texan Californian


I was lucky to have grown up around Cactus and Palm trees and to have lived in Africa and Italy during important times in my life.

My early were spent on the Pacific Coast of California and on the beaches of West Africa. I imagine that the days were spent, gazing up from my crib watching palm trees blow in the wind while succulents soaked up the sunshine. I am sure that I watched these plants with the same sense of wonder then that I do now.

I seem always to be drawn to them whether I find myself in the Hill Country of Central Texas, California, Mexico, Italy, or Arizona. Something about these giants makes me happy and I am drawn to places where they make themselves home.

I love the sea and I love Italy. Who deoesn’t?

My father grew up in 29 Palms, a small town in the Mojave Desert in California. We used to go visit Grandpa Allie and Grandma Wanda out there in the sand and rocks. My brother and I would chase lizards, rattlesnakes and roadrunners and then fall asleep in the shade of an ancient Date Palm tree.

Life seems always to take me to palm tree and cactus meccas. And, when I am in these places, I cannot seem to keep my cameras off of of the big, beautiful trees that sway in the sweet, salty air and the succulent blades that bask so patiently in the fiery sun.

I think everyone loves a Cactus . . . or a palm tree . . . Exotic yet fanciful . . . Graceful and sturdy . . . The supermodels of our green world.

Steve Wrubel is a Dallas based photographer who enjoys creating portraits of happy people and beautiful places all around the world. His work has been shown in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston and Dallas for his fine art, portraiture and weddings. #iloveweddingsatthebeachandinthedesertandinthemountains

About Steve

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Creating portraits of people, places, animals and things... all over the world. That's what I love to do